Composite Materials Reinforcements (fibres) & Additives

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38 mins 48 secs
5 days

Course Overview

An Overview of Fibre Reinforcements for Composite Materials

The fibrous materials, such as carbon and glass, that reinforce a composite provide much of its stiffness and strength. Furthermore, a wide range of secondary materials, including lightweight cores, particulate fillers and surface coatings, are commonly used in conjunction with composites to provide finished parts with the required characteristics.

In this training video, we’ll provide an overview of the most commonly used fibre reinforcements (including carbon fibres, glass fibres, basalt, aramid, HDPE and natural fibres) and secondary materials (coatings, honeycombs, foams and additives), as well as an introduction to self-reinforced plastic (SRP) composite materials.

This course is an ideal introduction to composite reinforcement/fibres and additives for people working within the composites industry, be they scientists or engineers who don’t have a background in composites, or those in non-technical roles who need to be conversant with composite materials and their terminology.

It’s also suitable for those outside the composites industry who need a gentle introduction.

Course content

  • 1 min 7 secs Course Preview
  • 57 secs Introduction
  • 19 mins 13 secs Section 1: Types of fibre reinforcements
  • 7 mins 12 secs Section 2: Self reinforced plastics
  • 10 mins 19 secs Section 3: Other ingredients (cores, fillers & additives)


Joe Carruthers

Joe is the Managing Director of NetComposites. He has worked in the composites sector for more than twenty years within a wide range of roles and organisations including multi-nationals (Hexcel), SMEs (NetComposites) and universities (Newcastle and Sheffield). He holds a PhD in composite materials and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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