What is a Composite Material?

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41 mins 24 secs
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Course Overview

An Introduction to Composite Materials

Get an introduction to composite materials  – in this course, we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of composites – what they’re made up of, how they work, their properties and characteristics, and their advantages and disadvantages compared to other materials.

This includes everything from a simple definition of a composite and some common terminology, through to the ingredients of composite materials (such as fibres and resins) and their typical characteristics.

Along the way, we’ll cover a brief history of composite materials, look at different types of reinforcing fibres and plastics/resins, and see how the arrangement of the fibres can affect the properties of a finished part.

This online training video is an ideal introduction to composite materials for people working within the composites industry, be they scientists or engineers who don’t have a background in composites, or those in non-technical roles who need to be conversant with the language of composites. It’s also suitable for those outside the composites industry who are looking for a gentle introduction.

Course content

  • 46 secs Course Preview
  • 1 min 52 secs Introduction
  • 10 mins 36 secs Section 1: Composite materials - an overview
  • 4 mins 26 secs Section 2: The constituents of a composite
  • 9 mins 56 secs Section 3: How a composite works - Part 1
  • 13 mins 48 secs Section 3: How a composite works - Part 2


Joe Carruthers

Joe is the Managing Director of NetComposites. He has worked in the composites sector for more than twenty years within a wide range of roles and organisations including multi-nationals (Hexcel), SMEs (NetComposites) and universities (Newcastle and Sheffield). He holds a PhD in composite materials and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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